Custom Order Inquiry

If your requirements don't fit within the specs of one of our standard personalized products then this is where you can tell us what you are looking for and we will create something unique just for you.

We work with some standard wood species but other options are available by request.

The key info we need to be able to figure out the price:

[1] Size of the Sign?

  • Width x height (and thickness is needs to be something specific, such as to mount hardware or just to mirror the look you prefer)

[2] Indoors or outdoors? 

  • This impacts which wood species may be best (ie. cedar or fir for outdoors)

[3] What text needs to be on the sign? Specific font or open to suggestion?

[4] What graphics do you want?

  • Company logo, a skier / bear / moose / cabin / trees / fishing / mountain biking / etc etc ... you get the idea

[5] Any other key stuff? 

  • Such as colours that you want to mention?

Please use this form to let us know how to reach you and what sort of product you are looking for