About Us

Workshop location: Invermere, BC - Canada.      Established: November 2009

So where to begin ... well as of December 23rd 2018 base has been Invermere, BC which is 18km from the slopes of Panorama Mountain Resort.  I have to admit when I was still in Squamish and a buddy suggested I relocate this way I had never heard of Invermere ... well I'm originally from Edinburgh, Scotland so I think that's a fair excuse.  Let's just say it's a small town of 3200 folks in the heart of the Powder Highway / Columbia Valley, about 3hrs from Calgary & 11hrs drive from Vancouver.

Oh and who is "me" ... Barry: owner / wood worker / designer / coffee-boy / cat caretaker (or is it the other way around).  Born in Scotland I relocated to Whistler in 2003 when I came for an extended ski vacation and forgot to go home.

I have a very varied career background which starts with a degree in manufacturing engineering & industrial design.  I've worked for a double glazing company in product development, in high-tech doing production control, as an IT consultant in UK, France, Netherlands, Australia, California, Deleware (nobody's career is perfect), and Vancouver, as a ski instructor & guide, and since 2009 as owner/operator of Advent Home Solutions ... the entity behind Advent Wood Products.

I spent a year in France (6 months in Paris & 6 months in Meribel in the Alps) before exporting myself to Canada.  Since the mid 1990's I've been involved to some degree in home renovations & wood working.  Fast forward to 2022 and I have two CNC machines at my 2400sqft shop in Invermere which is where you'll find me creating piles of sawdust when I'm not introducing myself to the local wildlife on my bike, skis or kayak.

Just for fun; this is my ski team from Scotland in the Austrian Alps when I was about 14 ... I'm the wee one on the far left.  Check out the ski lengths!!

Up until March 2022 we were selling on the Etsy platform and shipped over 800 orders with 103 5 star reviews and 2 non-5 star reviews.

Due to exponentially increasing fees and plagiarism from other sellers we moved away from the Etsy platform to establish our own Shopify store & here we are.  We also sell at the local farmers / artisans markets as well as in person via our shop in Invermere, BC.

We can create everything from custom cabinets & furniture to a multitude of signs and household products.  With 2 CNC machines we have a lot of capability.

So, what can we dream up for you?