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How do we get approval from clients for custom orders


The reality is that the vast majority of the products we make are customized to some extent ... take for example our very popular ski trail inspired signs; although these come in standard sizes & colours, and follow a generally similar format the customer selects what text they want & can have pretty much whatever symbols they desire ... so every one is unique.  Rarely have we made the same sign more than once with a few odd exceptions for some very popular ski runs.

Any way ... not only do we need to get approval to make sure we are in sync with that you were picturing, but it's also an opportunity for you to see if what you imagined works in reality.  Perhaps there's a bit too much going on and we should eliminate some of the content to make the sign overall more legible or just change the size of the font or move a symbol from left to right.  You get the idea!

1. You make a request either by placing an order or contacting us, usually via email / contact form ... or coming in to the shop if local.

2. We take your input and create a computer rendering in 3D to simulate your sign.

3. We email this to you ... unless you're in the shop and we've done this on the spot.

4. You either approve based on the rendering, or we make some changes and revise the rendering until approved.

It's really that simple.

Then a few days later out pops your sign just as per the rendering.

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