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Modular personalized wood ski rack system

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Rail length (number of stations)
Rack back style

I'm interested ... how do I work out what to order:

  1. The part which attaches to the wall comes in a total of 6 different lengths and is designed to accommodate either 3, 4, or 5 bracket sets.  There are two width options (see below) depending how much space you need for each set of skis / snowboard.

  2. The bracket sets come in either a single version (one pair of skis & poles or a snowboard) or a double-up version which will hold 2 pairs of skis or again the one or two snowboard(s) depending if they are stored back to back or not.

So first decide how many pairs of skis and/or snowboards you want to hold in the rack(s).  Ultimately you will be determining the necessary overall length from an appropriate combination of 3, 4, and 5 bracket rack lengths which would then be mounted side by side.

This also allows flexibility if you want to have a lower rack for short kids skis or boards beside a higher rack for the adults.

  1. So if you need a finished rack length to hold 10 sets of adult skis that would either be 2 of the 5 bracket racks with single brackets or one of the 5 bracket racks with double-up brackets.
  2. If you have snowboards to accommodate those will fit in either the single or double-up brackets & you can double those up too by having them base to base.  HOWEVER this also depends on the specific snowboard bindings you have as some take up more space then others so you may not be able to double-up all snowboards.


What are the dimensions?


From the middle of one bracket to the middle of the neighbouring bracket is 8" ... this is just enough space for the ski or snowboard bindings but it is a snug fit so as not to waste space.

The 3 bracket set rack is 24" wide ... when butted up next to another rack the 8" spacing is maintained.

The 4 bracket set rack is 32" wide.

The 5 bracket set is 40" wide.


From the middle of one bracket to the middle of the neighbouring bracket is 10" ... this is to accommodate chunkier snowboard bindings and if you just prefer a little extra space between skis.

The 3 bracket set rack is 30" wide ... when butted up next to another rack the 6" spacing is maintained.

The 4 bracket set rack is 40" wide.

The 5 bracket set is 50" wide.


So what's the MINIMUM width space I need?

As long as you have 24" of space from left to right you have enough space for a 3-bracket rack ... so could easily fit in most closets.  Adding a few inches lessens the chance of dinging the wall on either side with the bindings but that is going to be true with any type of rack.


Simple assembly required

The back of the rack that mounts to the wall and the various pairs of brackets come ready to assemble together.

The brackets are mounted to the back section via one long screw each (already predrilled).  The correct driver bit is supplied along with all hardware.


Here are the standard wood options

All our products are made from solid wood with the exception of birch or other varieties of plywood which are an option on some specific items.

Wood by it's very nature (being an all natural material) has ut's character traits ... some species more than others. Pine, fir and to a lesser excent cedar all have knots and significant colour variation is possible. Maple is more pedictable with very few knots. Birch plywood is much like maple but a more affordable option, however carving plywood reveals the core layers which can be of a different shade.

Shipping & Returns

We will start to make your sign AFTER any personalization has been approved via email [we send you a computer rendering within 48hrs of receiving your order]. It then takes 3-5 days once you have given approval via email reply to carve, finish, pack & ship.

NOTE: We are not responsible for delays caused by customs or other carrier-related delays out of our control. When your order ships you will get a calculated ESTIMATED time of arrival based on the carrier's own standards, but this is not a guaranteed arrival date.

We only ship with trackable methods such as Canada Post Expedited Parcel, etc. Contact us within 14 days of receipt with any damage or other product concerns. For returns we need to receive the product back within 30 days of you receiving it and it must be in new condition (unless of course it arrived damaged).


We actually make our products using mm but we will quote sizes in both mm & the closest inch dimensions. It's just way more precise to use mm in the workshop.

Care Instructions

We use exterior grade paints but only the fir (or cedar) sign products have an exterior clear coat on them. As long as you avoid spilling anything on the wood or wipe off immediately then there should be minimal maintenance required ... wipe down with a damp cloth. As with any wood product try to avoid excessive temperature fluctuations as the wood can distort. Some amount of fading is to be expected with any painted wood product exposed to the sun & elements over time ... much in the same way that the siding on a house or your car will fade in the sun eventually.

Are you in to the "weathered" look?

This one is perfect for that fun piece at the cabin and we have both a skier and snowboarder version.

Perhaps you'd like the aged look if the skiers at your cabin are a bit "weathered" themselves with a few laps of the bumps under their belt.

  • Shipping Included

    For the vast majority of products shipping is included for customers in Canada or USA (lower 49). Shipping charges apply for other international destinations.

    We realize many websites will mention "Free shipping" but I think we all know it has been factored in to the price rather than actually being "free". Call me old fashioned but I believe in being honest about this sort of stuff.

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges

    If your order arrives damaged then we will send a replacement provided you notify us within 14 days of receipt. Please note that the natural character traits of wood are not considered damage ... these are wood signs after all. We suggest the maple option if you prefer less in terms of "character".

    Any non-personalized products can be returned within 30 days for a refund, however you will need to pay for shipping if for any reason other than damage or wrong product and they must arrive back in the original condition.